10 Sep 2023


10.30am for 11am start
10:30 am

Sighthounds & Sandcastles – Filey Beach. Meet 10.30am for 11am walk

Back by popular demand! Ooh we do like to be beside the seaside 🙂 It’s just great for the soul.
We have checked the tide and we believe we are good to go (fingers & paws crossed).
This will be a walk along along Filey Bay for an hour and a cuppa/fish & chips afterwards?
No guarantees with the weather but we can guarantee a lovely day out with friends!
Parking around Coble Landing we think is free at this time of year but we will check.
As responsible owners I am sure you would not wish for any excitement incidents with your hound. Therefore this is strictly an on lead walk at all times, as usual.
We do not apologise for being over cautious and not letting dogs walk off-lead, if our plans are not what you had in mind can we please ask that you wait for the group walk to finish and disperse before allowing your hound to be free range. Safety to all dogs and their owners come first to us at all times.
Hope to see you there!
Team SSC



The event is finished.