21 Sep 2019


10.30am for 11am start
10:30 am - 4:00 pm



The Dog: A Celebration at Chatsworth

Chatsworth House are celebrating our furry friends by hosting the most pawsome exhibition of dog sculptures. So, you’ve guessed it folks! lets enjoy a fun day out and see whats going on.

Most of the exhibition is in the house, which as you know isn’t dog friendly, however there is the Ben Long sculpture in their beautiful gardens (south lawn), where we can take our paws. There will hopefully be a few of us attending so for those who do wish to visit the exhibition in the house, we can look after your hounds for you and they can take us for a walk and a piece of cake afterwards.

Dogs are very welcome on the wider estate grounds, the garden and also an area in the Carriage House Café.

We have added the link here to Chatsworth House and recommend you buy tickets in advance of the visit. Tickets need to be purchased by midnight on the 20th September or parking will be charged on the day also.

Parking is £4 per vehicle and the estate grounds can be walked around for no charge. All ticket prices are below so you can decide how to spend your day.

Meeting at 10:30 am on the grass just in front of the main entrance to the house – there is an outside coffee shop here where people can get drinks whilst we wait. Walks to start at approximately 11am.

External Grounds Walk – Car Parking Ticket is £4.00, this entitles you to walk the external grounds, and you can use the Courtyard facilities for food and refreshments. This walk will take place at the same time as others are visiting the House Gardens and/or House (you are of course welcome to do the garden/house tour at your own leisure after this walk).
Garden Walk – Garden Entry is £13.00, this is where one of the circular walks of the gardens will take place.
Garden Walk & Entry to Chatsworth House & Exhibition (no dogs allowed in House) – Garden & House is £22.00 – this entitles you to also take in the Exhibition of the Dog which is inside the house.

Please consider what sort of day you would like and purchase tickets by midnight on the 20th September for FREE PARKING (parking can be purchased on the day for those who just want to walk in the external grounds).

If we get ideas of the numbers wanting to take in the House exhibition it might be worth considering to split up and some do the exhibition whilst some walk, and then swap over, obviously this is a lot easier if you are attending as couples but we are sure there will be plenty of hands around to be able to offer to look after peoples hounds whilst single visitors take a bit of the tour. We will leave you to decide and we can discuss and get organised on the morning.

The exhibition is apparently worth visiting.


The event is finished.