New puppy in the family

  • 06/08/2018 at 9:45 pm #951


    I wonder if anyone can help with suggestions. We have two Bedlington Terriers a female 4 year old laid back greyhound and just over three weeks ago added Bruce a 4 year old retiree to our clan. All have settled well together at home and despite him never having been in a home he is learning and doing well.

    However our daughter lost her Bedlington Terrier to illness a couple of months back and has now bought a new puppy. As she woks as a teacher she will soon be out for long parts of the day and will bring the new addition for us to look after in the day,. Unfortunately Bruce does not seem to well suited on the two occasions she has brought him. Despite him having the muzzle on he is far to keen and as such a big dog he is terrifying the little pup and there is no way that he could be put down close to the greyhound at the moment.

    Has anyone any suggestions as to how we can improve the situation as I fear if not we may have to return him as we have to support our daughter and help her with the pup. He also had a hedgehog in the garden late one night when he was let out to wee and he ragged this despite all the prickles. I am afraid at the moment small and quick does not seem to suit him yet he is fine around the two senior Bedlingtons.

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